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otasuke FAQ
 What is needed for screen development?
For New Users
 The fixing pin cannot be canceled.
 The max. number of parts that can be placed on one screen
 Wish to change the Screen Number and the Screen Comment (Title).
 I want to reduce the size of the operation state bar.
 I want to serch/replace parts addresses, labels, and comments.
 I want to confirm the states of parts on the base screen at one time.
 I want to show the part IDs and addresses placed on the screen.
 I want to display numbers on a Data Display graphically.
 I want to change addresses of selected parts at once.
 How can I check the Parts Picture ID (the number for the part shape)?
 I want to place a part quickly by selecting from many of parts in the GP-Pro EX's parts library.
 I want to place switches and lamps at even intervals.
 The result is not displayed after error check.
 I want to copy text screens from another project without overwriting data in the copy-to project.
 Can I convert texts registered as direct texts in a project file into the text table?
 A message "In the generation, fonts were substituted for image fonts set up with unavailable fonts" appears after converting with the Text Table Converter.
 How to import GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows library files (*.cpw) to GP-Pro EX
 How can I import the mark library file (*.mrk) created with GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows into GP-Pro EX?
 Can I display an image while the touch operator interface is starting?
Project Comparison Tool
 Can I compare two project files?
 I want to check the display operation on the PC.
 What features are not supported in Simulation?
Device Monitor
 I want to monitor the values of device addresses.
 Which models support the device monitor?
 Which device/PLC can I use the device monitor with?
 I can not open the screen.
 I can not save the screen on the editor.
 I can not save the project file.
 I can not input the address.
 The error message [Cannot set due to setting range limitation.] is displayed when creating a new screen.
 The error message [The no. of addresses exceeds the limit.] is displayed.
 The error message [ The no. of parts of Base Screen [1:Untitled] exceeds the limit.] is displayed.
 On the Offline screen [The settings of the IP Address and the Subnet Mask are incorrect.] appears.
 I want to edit alarm data in Excel file.
 I want to copy alarm setups to another project file.
 When using Text Table for alarm messages, is it possible to edit messages in spread sheet software such as Microsoft Excel?
 Can I show and hide line charts (channels) that are displayed on the Historical Trend Graph?
 Can I show auxiliary lines on the Historical Trend Graph?
 Can I scale the Historical Trend Graph?
 Can I change the time cycle of the Historical Trend Graph?
System Setting Window
 The connection device driver cannot be deleted.
System Data Area
 The screen is displayed darkly.
 I can not transfer the screen data by USB transfer cable.
 What's [PASV] at the time of Ethernet Transfer?
 How to check a screen volume for transfer
 I want to transfer project files using a CF card, SD card or an USB storage.
 Error Messages when Creating Memory Loader Start Up Data
 Errors when transferring
 I can't transfer a project file to my new GP with a USB flash drive.
 What is Animation?
 Which models support the Animation feature?
 Supporting objects
 Show/hide objects
 Move objects to show changes in condition
 Rotate objects to show changes in condition
 Change object colors based on address values
 What are the base layer and the front layer?
 What is the Expert Mode?
 Restrictions on Animation
Pro-face Converter
 I want to use drawing data of Microsoft Visio with GP-Pro EX.
 Pro-face Converter Operating Environment
 How to install Pro-face Converter
 How to use Pro-face Converter
Pass Through
 What is the Pass-Through function?
 Which PLCs support the Pass-Through function?
 I would like to use the pass through function. How do I set up?
 Installation of the Pass-Through function
 Operating Environment of Pass Through Configuration Tool
 Uninstallation of the Pass Through function
 What Languages are supported?
 What is Stroke Font?
 Parts and features that support Image Font
 What is "Character Registration" of the Image Font?
 Characters on the [Text Display] are not displayed at all.
 Some characters in the Image Font are not displayed correctly on [Input Display] of Data Display.
Text Table
 When using Text Table for alarm messages, is it possible to edit messages in spread sheet software such as Microsoft Excel?
To read or write the ladder program of connection devices (Pass-through function)
 I would like to read and write the ladder of the connection device through display.
 What PLC can be used with Pass-through function?
 Operating Environment of Pass-Through Configuration Tool
 I would like to use the pass through function. How do I set up?
 Installation of the Pass-Through function
 Uninstallation of the Pass-Through function
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