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 What's [PASV] at the time of Ethernet Transfer?

What's [PASV] that appears when [Transfer Tool]→[Transfer Settings]→[LAN] are selected?

In the environment where an access is limited because a fire wall or router is set between PC and GP, data may not be transferred. In this case, checking [PASV] may enable you to transfer data.

The meaning of PASV

It's a term of a file transfer protocol, FTP.
The PASV mode is the way that the FTP server informs of the connection port and connects it.
A fire wall usually limits access from clients (to prevent invasion from outside like a hacker). Therefore, depending on a network environment, even when connection of data transfer is requested by a server, it may be blocked by a fire wall. If the PASV mode is used, when a transfer request is sent from a client side, a fire wall is opened and therefore data transfer is possible.
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