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 I would like to use the pass through function. How do I set up?

1. To open Pass-Through Configuration Tool, please follow [Start] on the Windows desk top → [Pro-face] → [Pass-Through] → [Pass-Through Configuration Tool].
2. If this is the first time to open [Pass-Through Configuration Tool], the virtual COM driver will be adjusted automatically. After the automatic adjustment of the virtual COM driver is finished, restart your PC.
3. Open [Pass-Through Configuration Tool] again.

4. Click [Add] on the dialog box [Pass-Through Configuration Tool].
5. A list of available connection devices will be displayed on the dialog box [Add]. Select the COM port (the virtual COM) and a connection device that the application will use. Click [OK].

* If the connection device to use is not displayed, please click [Find GP]. If the connection device is still not displayed after [Find GP], click [Add].

6. The combination of the virtual COM and the connection device will be displayed on [Pass-Through Configuration Tool]. When the check box of the COM port is on, the virtual COM port is online.

* During executing the pass through application, an icon is displayed on the task bar. Right-click the icon to display the menu. Select [Execute Configuration Tool].

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