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 Installation of the Pass-Through function

To use the Pass-through function, install the Pass-Through Configuration Tool and the virtual COM bus driver/virtual COM port driver.
1. Start your PC and insert the GP-Pro EX CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM) into the CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM) drive. GP-Pro EX Installer will start automatically.
2. Installtaion instructions are different depending on the operating systems. Select your operating system below.
How to install on Windows® 2000 (PDF)
How to install on Windows® XP (PDF)
How to install on Windows Vista®/ Windows® 7 (PDF)
If the installer does not start automatically....
Click [Start] on the Windows desktop. Click [Run] and then a dialog box will be displayed. Enter "D:\ProExSetup.exe" in the box. ("D:\": the drive letter for your CD-ROM drive) And then click [OK].

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