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 What features are not supported in Simulation?

The following features are not supported in the simulation mode.
System Menu [Offline], [CF Start] (or [SD Start]), [USB Start], [IP Address], [RGB Settings], [Address Monitor], [Logic Monitor], [Device Monitor], [Ladder Monitor]
Offline Cannot display the offline screen.
Print Feature Printing alarm banner, alarm history, and sampling data, printing associated with CSV display parts, printing commands in scripts, and printing screen images do not work.
Barcode Reader Cannot read in data from a barcode reader.
AUX Output Cannot run AUX Output.
Playing Movies
  • The Movie Player does not display.
  • When [Select Movie] is selected in the [Action Mode] in the [File Manager] part, the File Manager will not display.
  • [Save to CF/USB] (or Save to SD/USB]), [Save to FTP], and [Event Recorder] features do not work.
SRAM Backup All data stored in backup memory (SRAM), such as alarm history, sampling data, recipes, internal device backup, and operation log, is deleted when exiting simulation.
Brightness/Contrast Settings The Brightness and Contrast adjustment bar does not display.
Reverse Display Even when [Reverse Display] is set in a Monochrome model, the display of the simulation is not reversed.
Standby Mode The Standby Mode function does not work.
Retentive Variables In the [Edit Symbol Variables] dialog box, even though the Symbol is set to Retentive, the data is erased when exiting Simulation.
Detect Backlight Detecting if the backlight is burned out does not work.
Remote PC Access The Remote PC Access Window Display does not display.
Change Backlight Changing the backlight color does not work.
Monitor Address Monitor, Logic Monitor, Device Monitor, and ladder Monitor features do not work.
Cross-hairs Cursor The cross-hairs cursor feature does not work.
  • Device access APIs and handling APIs do not work, and error messages do not save.
  • The switch features mapped to the function keys on the keypad don't work. After performing the simulation on the IPC, the IPC function keys will not work, either.
Special Switch Operation Lock, Transfer Device/PLC Data
Logic Feature
  • Logic, Scan Time, #L_Clock100ms, #L_Clock1sec, #L_Clock1min, Timer Instruction, PID Instruction, and Constant Number System may differ from the actual actions.
  • Watch Dog Timer, Logic Monitor, and Address Monitor features do not work.
  • The calculation system of Ladder Instructions may differ from the Display. (For example, Instructions dealing with real numbers, SCL Instructions, AVG Instructions)
Online Monitor Online monitor does not work.
Transfer Transfer is not available.
Function Key Features of Hand-held GP
  • The operation switch should function only as a normal function key.
  • Multiple function keys will not work when pressed at the same time
Start Screen When starting simulation, the initial screen displays instead of the start screen.
Screen Capture / Video snapshot
When captured data save location is [FTP Server], the capture feature will not run.
When using any other save location, captured data is saved to the same location as the [Simulation] menu's [Utility], [Save Screen] function.
Even if you select [USB Storage] as the save location, be careful since it saves to the CF card (or SD card).
Checking tag consistency If project files have tags imported from the device/PLC, checking tag consistency does not work.
2-point touch If [2-point Touch] is selected on a display unit with a matrix touch panel, simulation works the same way as when [1-point Touch] and [Disable Sliding] are selected.

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