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How can I check the Parts Picture ID (the number for the part shape)?

The [Parts Picture ID] can be checked on the Shape Browser or Properties window.
Displaying the Parts Picture ID allows you to identify the shape of the selected part.

Method 1: Check on the Shape Browser

1. Double-click a part on the screen.

2. The Switch/Lamp dialog box appears. Click [Select Shape].

3. The Shape Browser opens and you can check the Parts Picture ID on it.

Method 2: Check on the Properties Window

1. Select the View menu -> Work Space -> Properties.

2. The Properties window opens on the right of the editing area.

3. Click a part on the screen.

4. Parts information is displayed on the Properties window. Click the (Display shape information) icon. (If you click it again, the regular parts information is displayed again.)

5. You can check the Parts Picture ID in the Select Shape field.

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