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 When using Text Table for alarm messages, is it possible to edit messages in spread sheet software  such as Microsoft Excel?

You can export a list of alarm messages with a text table in a CSV file format, edit them in Microsoft Excel and then import them.

- For exporting or importing alarm messages with a text table used, GP-Pro EX Ver. 2.7 or later is required.
GP-Pro EX Upgrade Service
- If alarm settings with a text table used are imported, contents that have been already registered in the text table will be overwritten. Please be aware of it.
1. Click [Alarm] on the [Common Settings] menu.
2. Select a table to be changed in Text Table and click [Export].
3. The [Export Alarms] window appears.
Select CSV file (*.csv) for File Type and specify a place to save data in and a file name. Click the [Save] button.
4. Open the exported CSV file in Microsoft Excel and change the messages.
- For a format of the exported CSV file, see [Import/Export Alarm Settings] in GP-Pro EX Reference Manual.
- Do not edit or delete the exported item name of the CSV file. An error will occur and you will not be able to import it.
5. After editing the CSV file, make sure that the table selected in the step 2 is specified and then click [Import].
6. Make sure that the text table to be overwritten is correct and then click [Yes].
7. The [Import Alarms] window appears.
Select [CSV file (*.csv)] for File Type and then a file to be imported. Click [Open].
8. After the file is imported, the changed alarm messages are reflected in the project.
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