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Can I convert texts registered as direct texts in a project file into the text table?

The Convert Text Table feature registers texts used in a project file to the Text Table.
The Text Table Converter can convert texts (Standard, Stroke, Image fonts) used on the followings in a project file.

- Base Screen
- Window Screen
- Keypad
- Header/Footer
- Text Screen
- Alarm


- If texts have already been registered in the Text Table, the converted texts are registered to the blank lines in the order from smaller numbers.
  Example: If there are some blank lines as follows, newly registered texts will be set in the blanks.
Setup Procedures
1. Select the [Project (F)] menu -> [Utility (T)] -> [Convert Text Table (T)].
2. The following message window appears. Click [Yes].
3. Enter the name of the backup file and click [Save].
4. The Text Table Converter dialog box opens. Specify the [Table Number], [Language], and the target screens and click [Convert].
5. The specified direct texts have been converted into the Text Table.
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