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 Can I compare two project files?

Using [Project Comparison Tool] allows you to compare two project files (*.PRX) on your PC.

1. On the Windows [Start] menu, click [Programs]->[Proface]->[GP-Pro EX *.**](*.**=version)->[Project Comparison Tool].
2. The Project Comparison Tool appears. Click the  icons.
3. The [Open File] window appears. Select the project file to compare and click [Open].
(Specify a file for each of [PRX file 1] and [PRX file 2].)
4. Click [Start comparison].
5. The comparison results are displayed.


The results are displayed for each item (tab).
* Only the item tabs that show differences appear. The comparison result ignores things that are the same.
<Result Display Example>

- To use [Project Comparison Tool], GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.0 or above is required.
Upgrade GP-Pro EX
- For the following cases, even if there’s no difference of settings, differences are displayed.
(EX: [Project A.prx] and [Project B.prx] are compared.)
  [Case 1] A file is edited once and saved. After that, the changes are cancelled.
  (1) Save the [Project A.prx] as [Project B.prx].
  (2) Edit the [Project B.prx] and save it.
  (3) Cancel the changes of [Project B.prx], which were made in the step (2) and save the file.
  [Case 2] Two different files are compared.
  (1) Create two new files, [Project A.prx] and [Project B.prx].
  (2) Configure the same settings and create the same screens on both [Project A.prx] and [Project B.prx]. Then save each.
  [Project A.prx] and [Project B.prx] have the same contents, but differences are displayed.
- If there are some differences of model settings or installation methods (portrait/landscape) between the 2 project files to compare, the following message will appear and those files will not be compared.


If you uncheck [Show only differences], the comparison result will show things that are the same as well.


You cannot start multiple instances of the Project Comparison Tool.

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