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I want to use drawing data of Microsoft Visio with GP-Pro EX.

To use drawing data of Microsoft Visio with GP-Pro EX, Pro-face Converter, which is bundled with GP-Pro EX, is required.
Pro-face Converter is a tool to convert data created with Microsoft Visio to the Package file that can be used with GP-Pro EX.
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Pro-face Converter Operating Environment
How to install Pro-face Converter
How to use Pro-face Converter
This section explains how to create drawing data for GP-Pro EX with Microsoft Visio and convert the data to the Package file using Pro-face Converter.
1. How to create drawings for GP-Pro EX
1. Start up Microsoft Visio and select the [File] menu -> [New] -> [Pro-face] -> [Pro-face Converter].
2. Select [Shapes] → [Resolution] and specify the resolution of the display unit that you use.
Here, point the cursor on "800×600 (*1)" and drag and drop it on the drawing page.
3. In the [File] menu, select [Open].
Specify the exsisting Visio data and click the [Open] button.
In the [Edit] menu, select [Select All].
In the [Edit] menu, select [Copy Drawing].
4. In the [Window] menu, select [Drawing1 (*2 )], and the window will change to the drawing created in the procedure 1 and 2.
5. In the [Edit] menu, select [Paste Special].
Select [Microsoft Office Visio Drawing] and click [OK].
6. Adjust the size of the pasted drawing.
*1: The resolution of each series is as follows.

320 x 240
GP3200, 3300 Series
640 x 480
GP3400, 3500 Series
800 x 600
GP3600 Series
1024 x 768
GP3700 Series
*2: The drawing window number may vary depending on the creating situation.
Please be advised that we do not accept any inquiries about how to operate Microsoft Visio or how to draw with Microsoft Visio.
2. How to convert the created drawings to the Package file
Click the
icon of Pro-face Converter.
2. In the [Registration of Package] window, click [New File].
In the [Save As] window, specify the [File name] and then click [Save].
3. In the [New File] window, specify the [Title] and the click [OK].
4. Click the [Register to the Package File] button and then close the window with the icon.
The conversion procedure of Microsoft Visio data is completed.
3. How to import the Package file to GP-Pro EX
1. Start up GP-Pro EX .
2. In the [Welcome to GP-Pro EX] window, select [New] and then click [OK].
3. Set the [Display Unit].
Select [GP3000 Series], [GP-36** Series], [AGP-3600T], [Landscape]. Click [Next].
4. The setting window of the device/PLC will appear. Click [New Screen].
5. In the [View] menu, select [Package].
6. In the [Package List], put a checkmark on [Reference External Package] and then click [Change Reference].
7. In the [Change Reference to External Package] window, click [Browse].
8. In the [Browse For Folder] window, select the folder in which the Package file is saved and then click [OK].
9. In the [Change Reference to External Package] window, confirm [External Package Reference Folder] and then click [Change].
10. In the [Package List] window, check if the Package has been added or not and then click [Open].
11. Open the [Package] window.
Drag and drop the Package onto the base screen.
12. The paste procedure of the Package is completed.

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