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otasuke FAQ
Errors of the main Unit
 Green LED Lamp of Display is blinking.
 Red LED Lamp of Display lights.
Errors displayed in the main unit
 IO Driver (DIO)
 IO Driver (FLEX)
On-Line Monitor/Logic Monitor
 I want to monitor logic programs.
 I want to edit the Logic Program when monitoring.
 I want to set security on the monitor or the online editor of the logic programs.
FLEX NETWORK (DIO Unit Specifications)
 I would like to know specifications of Input/Output of Analog Units.
 How do I perform Calibration of Analog Units?
 I would like to know specifications about Input/Output of High-Speed Counter Unit.
 What is Flex Network?
 What kind of communication cables for Flex Network can I use?
 What are the external dimensions of each unit?
FLEX NETWORK (DIO Unit Settings)
 How do I set the unit with GP-Pro EX?
 How do I set S-No. of the main unit.
 What can I set with Dip Switches "N" and "H" of the GP main unit?
 Otasuke Pro!> FAQ's Book > GP3000 > Should S-No. of Flex Network Unit be set on Ch1 in order from the 1st? Is it possible to set from Ch2?
 Error Lamp of Flex Network Unit is ON.
 Can I Use Flex Network Connector of GLC 2000 Series for GP 3000 Series?
 Can I Use Flex Network Unit of GLC 2000 Series for GP 3000 Series?
 I want to convert a project file of the GLC 2000 series.
Supporting Softwares
 Which models support logic programs? What software version is required?
Hardware (Specifications)
 What are the differences between the LT3000 series and the GP3000 series (Control Class)?
 Can I re-write the logic program while it is running?
 What is Variable?
 How many Symbol Variables can I register?
 How do I set variables?
 What can I do to use the created variables on the screen?
 I would like to keep the data of symbol variables even after the power is turned off.
 What is the difference between #H System Variables and #L System Variables?
 I want to check the size for creating programs.
 Can I delete unused variables in a lump?
Ladder Instructions
 What Instructions are there?
 Sample of ON Delay Timer Settings
 Sample of OFF Delay Timer Settings
 Sample of Pulse Timer Settings
 Sample of Up Counter Settings
 Sample of Down Counter Settings
 Sample of Up/Down Counter Settings
Creating Logic
 What's the difference between [INIT] and [MAIN] of Logic Screen?
 I would like to create icons of instructions which are used often.
 I would like to display the logic screen and the base screen at the same time.
 Is it possible to use Connection Device Address on Logic Screen?
 How do I register Variables?
 What is Array?
 Is it possible to create Logic Program to operate only once when powering up?
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