Useful Case Samples
Error Check Screen using system variables Buzzer Sound & Backlight Control using System Data Area
Displaying error details on the screen   Turning ON/OFF the buzzer and the backlight by using the system data area
Add up timer LT Password
Measuring the adjusting time such as the process time of the systems and the operation time of the devices   Protecting the maintenance screen and the administrator menu by password
Pulse Output process A day of the week-acquisition process
  Outputting pulses at "n" seconds intervals   Getting the date informations
Encode Process Decode Process
Converting the bit positions to the numbers   Turning ON the bits responding to the numbers
Denial process Bit Count process
Reversing the bits in the register   Counting the ON bits in the register
7-segment decoder process Bit Set/Reset process
Controlling the 7 segment display   Turning ON/OFF the specified bits in the register
Register Separation process Register-combining process
Storing the high 8 bits and the low 8 bits of the register in the separate registers   Combining two registers with 8 bits each into one register
Data Search process First-in/First-out
Searching the register where the specified value is stored   FIFO Processing in the specified data area
1 word-shift to right process 1 word-shift to left process
Right-shifting the sequent register by each word   Left-shifting the sequent register by each word
FOR-NEXT process    
Looping the ladder process of specified frequency      
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