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 Alarm feature
Alarm feature displays an occurring error with a message.
1. Active---Displays the currently occurring alarm only.
2. History---Displays the history of the alrams in the past.
3. Text---Displays contents registered in Text Message as an alarm.
For 2 and 3, if a message is selected, details will be displayed in a pop-up window.


Descriptions of errors that occurred in a production site etc. and an error can be displayed with a message in a list.
In addition to occurrence time and messages, times of occurrence and time while an error is occurring can be displayed.

- It's possible to sort out displayed contents in the order of occurrence or times.
- Since the history data are put in a memory inside of the GP unit, they are memorized even after the power turns off.
* They are cleared when a screen is transferred or a backup battery runs out.

* GP3000 series support this functionality.
* Software GP-Pro EX Ver. 1.0 or later is required.
* An error may be somewhat included in an operation result.

Download a sample program file and detailed description.

Download this sample application!
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