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What is Otasuke?

Otasuke is a FREE customer support center that provides registered members various useful information about Pro-face's products that facilitates your decisions and enhances your experience. Otasuke Pro! means "premium assistance from the experts" in Japanese.

What can Otasuke do?

Registered members are able to download and view:
Full Product Information   Design and Specification Data   True-to-life 3D Real Parts
FAQs, consultations, "Sample Data" out-of-the-box samples.   Manual, module, DXF data of unit dimension diagram, BMP data of product image.   3D real parts for smoother creation of higher-value-added beautiful screens.
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Prior to registration

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• A user ID and password are required on the Membership Registration page for login. Please handle them carefully and keep them private.

Suggestions for use

If you cannot access the Membership Registration page, please read [FAQ for use].

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