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 LT Password

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To prevent someone from operating a maintenance screen or an administrator screen freely, a password is necessary.

However, in Logitouch, users need to create "Password Feature" by themselves.

  Password Feature can be easily used.

If the correct password is input, the screen will switch to the maintenance screen.
  It's also possible to change the password setting. Therefore, changing the password regularly can tighten security.

· In Logitouch, "Password Feature" can be easily used.
· A maintenance screen or an administrator menu can be protected.
· When a password is input, * (asterisk) is displayed so that the password cannot be seen.
· Password settings can be changed via a Logitouch unit.

* If a Logitouch unit is left with no power supplied for 60 days, the set password will return to default.
* LT series (all models) support this functionality.
* LT Editor Ver.2.02 is required.
· iHowever, edit is possible with GP-PRO/PBIII C-Package03.· j

Download a sample program file and detailed description.

Download this sample application!

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