Pop-up keypad with Upper/Lower limit Call image files in CF card
Display the hand-made keypad as a pop-up keyboard.   designate the file name of an image screen stored in the CF card and display it.
Screen Saver How to use the Special Relays
If the screen is not touched for a fixed time, an animated display of the screen is possible as a screen saver. It's useful to prevent screen damage.   With the GP's internal special relay, it's possible to realize various screen actions.
CSV read/write Feature GLC Series Function Calculator
With the CF Operation function, it's possible to read/write CSV data created in a free format from/to PLC data. It's possible to use as a calculator to make it calculated by the logic inside of GLC.
Automatic saving for logging loop feature OMRON Thermostat Expansion SIO Script Connection
With Logging's Automatic Save Feature, CSV files can be added in the CF card.
  OMRON Thermostat is connectable with COM1 directly using an extended SIO protocol.
Character String & Display of 32bit Data logging Status Latch function
Display string data and logging of 32 bit data.These data can be displayed after being stored as CSV file in the CF card. Data until an error occurs can be displayed in a graph.
Password Feature On-delay timer switch
A setting value input or a screen change can be performed in a password input.   Operation starts by pressing the switch for a while so that errors in operation can be decreased.
Blinking switch and lamp Changing the color of input display
It is possible to change the state with a maximum of 16 colors.   The background color of the changed setting value input changes so that the changed place can be recognized at a glance.
Touch Switch's Continuous Addition and Subtraction Ten Keypad Parts
By keeping on pressing the touch switch, the value is added/substracted.   Ten keypads that have beautiful features are prepared as Parts.
GP's clock setting Day and Time Limit Display
It's possible to change the GP’s internal clock data online.   It is possible to display the day/ time limit by setting days and time.
Graph History Display Indirectly Designating Address of Set Value Input
The data acquired in the past can be graph-ized.   It is possible to change the designation address of the set value freely.The upper/lower limit value can be set as well.
Windows® Font
Supporting Numeric Value
It's possible to display values by using PC's Windows® font.
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