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 Touch Switch's Continuous Addition and Subtraction

Until now
To perform Addition /Subtraction of values with a touch switch, it's necessary to touch the switch every time.
Now this is possible!
It's possible to perform Addition/Subtraction of values with the touch switch pushed. After keeping on pushing the switch for 2 seconds, Addition or Subtraction is performed at high speed.

Like a remote control of a TV, it's possible to perform Addition/Subtraction of values with a touch switch pushed.
Keeping on pushing the switch enables you to perform Addition or Subtraction at high speed.
If the upper limit and lower limit are set, Interlock of the touch switch will get activated so that data out of the range cannot be entered.
Since it's not necessary to push the touch switch every time, it can save a worker a lot of work and productivity can improve.

* GP77R series, GP377 series, GP2000 series and GLC series support this functionality.
* GP-PRO/PB III for Windows Ver. 6.0 or higher is required.

Download a sample program file and detailed description.

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