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 Automatic saving for logging loop feature

Until now...
Logging Feature can store data in SRAM and after that save it in the CF card as a CSV data file, but in this case, the data can be saved up to 2048 times (max.) and then all the saved data compose one CSV file.

Now this is possible!
With Logging's Automatic Save Feature, when the setup number of data is stored in SRAM, it can be automatically saved in the CF card as a CSV data file. In this case, files can be saved up to CF card's volume, so CSV files can be added.

A file name can be arbitrarily set. For example, it's possible to put date for file names and manage each file for every day.

Regardless of logging times, data of a large number of times can be saved in a CF card as a CSV file.
A file name can be arbitrarily set, so date can be put for file names.

*GP2000 series and GLC2000 series support this functionality.
* GP-PRO/PB III for Windows Ver. 6.1 or higher is required.
* When a logging cycle is short, data may not be able to written.

Download a sample program file and detailed description.

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