How to Connect the DC Power Cord

  • Remove all power from the device before removing any covers or elements of the system, and prior to installing or removing any accessories, hardware, or cables.
  • Remove power before wiring this product’s power terminals.
  • Always use a properly rated voltage sensing device to confirm power is off.
  • Replace and secure all covers or elements of the system before applying power to this product.
  • Use only the specified voltage when operating this product. This product is designed to use 24 Vdc. Always check whether your device is DC powered before applying power.
  • Since this product is not equipped with a power switch, be sure to connect a power switch to the power supply.
  • Be sure to ground this product’s FG terminal.
Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury.
  • The SG (signal ground) and FG (frame ground) terminals are connected inside this product.

  • When the FG terminal is connected, be sure the wire is grounded. Not grounding this product can result in excessive electromagentic interference (EMI).

DC Power Connector

Connection Wire
+ 24 Vdc
- 0 Vdc
FG Grounded terminal. Connect the FG terminal properly to ground.
NOTE: Model number CA5-DCCNM-01 (or MSTB2,5/3-ST-5,08 by Phoenix Contact)

Connection Procedure

  1. Confirm the power cord is not connected to the power supply.
  2. Check the rated voltage.
  3. Strip the membrane of the power cord, and twist the wire ends.
  4. Insert each power cord wire into its corresponding hole. Fasten the screws of the DC power connector to clamp the wire in place.
    • The necessary torque is 0.56 N•m (5 lb-in).

    • Do not solder the stranded wires.

    1. DC power connector

    2. Flat-blade screwdriver (size 0.6 x 3.5)

  5. After inserting all three power cord wires, insert the DC power connector into the power connector on this product.

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