DC Power Cord Preparation

  • Make sure the ground wire is either the same or heavier gauge than the power wires.

  • Do not use aluminum wires in the power supply's power cord.

  • If the ends of the individual wires are not twisted correctly, the wires may create a short circuit.

  • The conductor type is solid or stranded wire.

  • Use copper wire rated for 75 °C (167 °F) or higher.

  • Use UL Listed power source with LPS (Limited Power Source) or Class 2 output.

Power cord diameter 0.75...2.5 mm2 (18...13 AWG)*1
Conductor type Solid or stranded wire
Conductor length
Recommended driver Flat-head screwdriver (size 0.6 x 3.5)

*1 For UL compatibility, use AWG 14 or AWG 13.

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