Electrical Specifications

Rear Module

Rated input voltage 24 Vdc
Input voltage limits 19.2...28.8 Vdc
Voltage drop (at rated input voltage) 5 ms or less
Power consumption Max 6.8 W
When power is not supplied to external devices 3.5 W
In-rush current 30 A or less
Noise immunity Noise voltage: 1,000 Vp-p
Pulse duration: 1 μs
Rise time: 1 ns (via noise simulator)
Dielectric strength 1,000 Vac for 1 minute (between power terminal and FG terminal)
Insulation resistance 500 Vdc, 10 MΩ or more (between power terminal and FG terminals)

Display Module

Specification STM-6200WA STM-6400WA
Power consumption Max 1.0 W 3.6 W
When screen turns off the backlight (standby mode) 0.6 W 1.3 W
NOTE: The power consumption for the combined unit of the rear module and the display module equals the sum of power consumption of the two modules.

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