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Otasuke FAQ's Book
LT Series
 FAQs for getting started
What's need at first? What should I do?

1) Prepare development environment

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 4Frequently asked Question
How long is the scan time of the logic program?
Is it possible to rewrite data while the logic program runs?
How can I change the the state to [Enable I/O] when the power of the main unit turns on?
How long is the backup period when the power of the main unit is OFF?
Is the DIO Connector an accessory?
What is the recommended terminal connectable to Type A DIO Cable?
The sensor or the lamp that is connected to the LT does not respond. What should I do?
Cannot the FlexNetwork Cable be used for ones except exclusive products?
I/O does not function at all. What should I do?
How long is the maximum extended distance of FlexNetwork?
What is the maximum No. of connected stations of FlexNetwork?

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