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 How can I change the state to [Enable I/O] when the power of the main unit turns on?

There are the methods below.

1. In order to change to [Enable I/O (*1)] on the logic program, turn on the 7th Bit of the system variable, [#command]. Then the state will change to [Enable I/O].
2. Go to the menu on the LT Editor side, [Controller] ->[Setup] and on the setting screen, check [Enable I/O] and download the logic program to the LT again to enable it. When the LT Editor is in Monitoring Mode, on the setting screen the check box of [Enable I/O] is not displayed. Set it in Programming Mode.

*1 [Enable I/O]
This function enables the inputs/outputs to the LT main unit and external I/O of the I/O unit. In normal operations, the input/output of the external I/O is disabled when the LT is set to the RUN mode after performing a Logic Program download. For safty reasons, this function prevents the possibility of accidental startups of machines caused by errors in operation and logic programs.
Therefore, in order to perform the input/output of the external I/O, it's necessary to make the state [Enable I/O] with the following two methods.

(1) Set [Enable I/O] every download of a logic program.
*Downloading the logic program again returns the setting to the original.

After downloading the logic program, click the button on the tool bar to go to the Monitoring Mode.

In the Monitoring Mode, the LT might be in the RUN mode. Click the button and change the LT state to [Stop].

In the state, [Stop] of LT, click the button and change it to [Enable I/O]. Then click the button to return to the RUN mode of LT again. When the [Enable I/O] button is or , the state has been already [Enable I/O]. Just make the LT the RUN mode.

Click the button to return to the Programming Mode.

(2) Have the LT memorize [Enable I/O]

1. Click [Controller]->[Setup] from the menu.

2. The setting dialog box will appear. Click [Enable I/O]. When the Logic Editor is in the Monitoring Mode, the [Enable I/O] is not displayed. Change the mode to the Programming Mode once and then make the settings.

3. In order to save the setup [Enable I/O] in the LT main unit, perform the Logic Program download again.
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