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 What is the recommended terminal connectable to Type A DIO Cable?

We haven't determined recommended products especially, but the following products can be used.

Manufacturer Type Model Remarks
Terminal XW2D-40G6
Cable XW2Z-050B 0.5m
XW2Z-100B 1.0m
XW2Z-150B 1.5m
XW2Z-200B 2.0m
XW2Z-300B 3.0m
XW2Z-500B 5.0m
Toyo Giken

Terminal PCN-4F-40
Cable F7J40-28SV-0.5M 0.5m
F7J40-28SV-1M 1.0m
F7J40-28SV-1.5M 1.5m
F7J40-28SV-2M 2.0m
F7J40-28SV-3M 3.0m
F7J40-28SV-5M 5.0m
F7J40-28SV-7M 7.0m
F7J40-28SV-10M 10.0m
Yoshida Electric Industory Terminal PX7PS-40V6
Cable PS-406C100 1.0m
Terminal TA40-1N
Cable KM55-005 0.5m
KM55-010 1.0m
KM55-015 1.5m
KM55-020 2.0m
KM55-025 2.5m
KM55-030 3.0m

Terminal TIFA340MH M2 terminal screw
TIFA740MH M3 terminal screw
Cable TIC40MHF05 0.5m
TIC40MHF10 1.0m
TIC40MHF15 1.5m
TIC40MHF20 2.0m
TIC40MHF30 3.0m
TIC40MHF50 5.5m
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