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otasuke FAQ
 What is the size of screen protection sheet?
A low-reflection and ultra-high brightness TFT model
 I want to use a touch panel in a place where the sunlight comes into.
 What are the differences between ultra high-brightness models and standard models?
 Can I use the protective cover or screen protect sheet on Ultra high-brightness models?
Operation of the Main Unit
 How do I enter in off-line mode?
 How to adjust brightness of displays?
 Touch position and response position differ.
Errors of the main Unit
 Green LED Lamp of Display is blinking.
 Red LED Lamp of Display lights.
Specification of the Main Unit
 Which models in the GP3000 series have built-in I/O?
 GP3000 Series Hardware Differences
 What is the lifetime of the backlight?
 Features/Functions that are not supported in GP-3300 lower than Rev.*-4
Video Module Unit for GP3000 Series
 Which models of GP can I connect the VM Unit for GP3000 Series to?
 What screen creation software is used with the VM unit for GP3000 Series?
 How can I input/output video images?
 Settings for daisy chain connection
 I want to connect the VM unit to a PC or a monitor which has an analog RGB connector.
 I want to operate an external PC via touch panel.
 What are the dimensions of the touch panel with a VM unit installed on it?
 I want to replace the GP2000 VM unit with the GP3000 VM unit.
 How many screens can I view simultaneously?
Optional Products
 Is it possible to replace the backlight?
 The difference of protection sheet between GP2000 and GP3000
 What is the size of screen protection sheet?
 About Function Expansion Memory
Peripheral Devices
 Tested peripheral devices
 How can I use the USB port in GP3000 series?
 Can the USB port be mounted on the front mount of a panel?
 USB Memory is not recognized.
 How can I confirm the available space of USB Memory?
 Precautions for using USB storage
 Can I use any USB storage?
 With what features can I use an external storage device (CF card, USB storage, and FTP server)?
Transfer Cable
 Length of a transfer cable?
 Can the transfer cable for the GP2000/77R/70 series be used?
RGB Input Unit
 I want to display images from 2 PCs simultaneously.
 About Video Control Area.
Hand-held GP
 I want to control two or more devices with one hand-held GP.
Video Module Unit
 Can I use the GP2000 VM unit with GP3000?
 Which models of GP can be connected to the VM unit?
 How can I input/output the image?
 When the images are displayed by using Video Input of VM Unit, how many frames are displayed per second?
Movie Settings
 Can the GP units equipped with a video input interface display PC's video images on them without optional product?
 What connector is needed when using an internal video interface?
Remote Maintenance
 Which modems are available for GP?
 What is the recommended USB-Serial conversion cable?
 Manufacturers and types of supported connection devices?
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