- Feature Samples
Capturing USB Storage Screen
Renaming JPEG File in CF Card  
This is the sample to capture the screen at the timing to connect the USB storage to the GP3000, and to save it to the USB storage. This is a sample to change the file name (JPEG format) arbitrarily when capturing a screen.
CSV Data Read/Write Feature With CF File Operation Function   Reading CSV File  
  This is a sample to use the CSV file in the CF card as recipe to PLC. This is the sample to read the text of the CSV file, which is in a CF card inserted in the AGP unit, to the AGP internal address and display it.
XY Graph Feature   Multiple Trend Graph Display Feature  
This is the feature to draw a graph by a value of X and Y as a plotter. This is the feature sample to display each data connected to multiple PLCs on one graph.
Error Status Text Display    
The status of data transfer between a CF card and the device/PLC or its result is output and displayed in text on the screen.  
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