- Screen Samples -
    - Language Change -
Multilanguage (Language Change) Feature   Multilanguage (Language Change) Template  
Changes and displays language according to contents in the table in which switch/lamp labels, text, and alarm messages which have been registered. This sample contains 930 terms, mainly industrial automation terms, for GP users in various counties.
    - Alarm Screen -
Alarm (Combination)   Alarm History Auto Saving  
This sample project file contains basic alarm features that the GP has. When the number of counts of the alarm
history reaches to the set value to start
saving, it will be saved in a CF card
Alarm History Display Screen   Active Alarm Detail Display Screen (Block)  
Displays current active alarms in order of triggering date, or display a history of past alarms. Alarm messages, which are classified into product lines and registered, can be switched and displayed on the alarm screen.
Alarm Occurrences Order Display Screen   Active Alarm Detail Display Screen  
Alarm messages and numbers of times are displayed in order of occurrence. Possible to acknowledge the details such as a method to recover on a sub display by selecting an alarm message.
    - Clock Settings -    
Clock Data Change Screen   World Clock  

Useful for changing current time when GP is operating.

This sample is to display times of cities all over the world.
    - Data Sampling Screen - 
Data Sampling Screen
(Constant Cycle)
  Recorder Screen

Stores the values of the specified addresses in GP and displays the sampled data on the sampling data display on the screen.

After the data from PLC or temperature controller is collected and recorded, the data can be displayed in various graphs, such as trend graph and bar graph.
    - Recipe Screen -
Recipe (Window Screen)   Recipe (Base Screen)  
Data of materials/ingredients and quantities can be read out and rewritten to the connected device at a time by specifying a name of an item. With this sample, you can edit the recipe data on the GP besides the general recipe feature.
Recipe Feature    
Writes values stored in CF card to PLC data and reads out PLC data and store them in CF card.  
    - Trend Graph -
Historical Trend Graph (Combination)   Trend Graph & Data Sampling  
This sample trend graph allows you to zoom in/out on the X-axis and Y-axis. Displays the data on the trend graph while displaying the same data in a table chart. at the same time.
Trend Graph Historical Data Display          
Displays historical data with the trend graph. It is possible to re-display the past data that are not displayed on the screen.    
    - Screen Change -
Automatic Change Screen
(When Powering Up)
  Automatic Change Screen
(When Alarm Active)
After displaying a designated screen for a specified time, the screen is switched to another screen automatically. When any abnormality occurs on work process, a screen is switched to an alert screen automatically.
Screen Saver
This is the sample screen saver,  with the control function, to prevent ghosting.    
    - Password Settings -
Password Screen   Security Function Password Always Input  
Demands a password when switching to a screen. This sample is the function that always demands a password by security feature.
    - File Management-
File Rename   JPEG File Image Switch  
This sample allows you to rename files with save date and time, not with consecutive numbers, when saving GP data to a CF card. This is the feature to display JPEG images saved in CF card on the panel by inputting a product name.
Text Scroll Display     CSV Transfer with Specified File Name  
This is the sample to scroll-display the messages registered as texts.   This sample enables you to specify a file name such as “LOT12.csv” and transfer data.
    - Time Schedule Function -       - Troubleshooting Screen -
Time Schedule (Change Time Settings)   Troubleshooting  
This sample enables you to change the time settings of “Time Schedule”, which is the standard feature, on the screen. This sample allows you to check causes and solutions of communication errors without manuals.
    - Video Display -
Video Image Display Screen   Video Image Display Screen
(Window Display)
Displays real-time images from a video camera directly connected to the GP. Displays images from a video camera directly connected to the GP on the screen.
Video Image Recording Screen (At Arbitrary Time)   Video Image Recording Screen
(When Alarm Active)
It is possible to save images from a video camera directly connected to GP as movie files (movies/sound files). It is possible to save the image before and after the specified condition is satisfied in a CF card as a movie file (movie/sound file) .
    - Sound -
Sound Change by Touch Switch   Sound File Template  
This is a sample program to output the sounds, which you have registered beforehand, by touching the bit switch. This sample is a template data with sound samples contained in GP-Pro EX software.
    - Keypad -
Cyrillic (Kyrillic) keypad   Greek keypad  
GP-Pro EX Ver. 1.10 or higher version supports Cyrillic text.This project has a Cyrillic text keypad with big and small letters. This project has a Greek keypad with big and small letters. As Japanese fontssupport Greek font, GP can display Greek using Japanese fonts.
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