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 Trend Graph Historical Data Display  

It is possible to display historical data with the trend graph or to re-display the past data that are not displayed on the screen.
It is possible to move to the past data stored in GP by touching the [Historical Data Display] button and then the [Back] button. It is also possible to set how far you move on the graph.

* It is possible to display the past data stored in SRAM of GP.

It is useful to refer to the past data or to find clues of changes.

* Data are being sampled during displaying the past data in the background. Even you switch the past data display to the current value display, data are sampled without break..

* GP3000 series support this functionality.
* Software GP-Pro EX Ver. 1.10 or later is required.

Download a sample program file and detailed description.

Download this sample application!
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