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 Recipe feature
Recipe feature can write values stored in a CF card to PLC's data and read out PLC's data and store them in a CF card.

- Store the setting data in the CF card beforehand.
- Select the file name displayed in the Special Data Display.
- Push the CF->PLC (or PLC->CF) switch, and data will be written from CF to PLC (PLC to CF).
- It's also possible to display contents set in the CF card in the CSV Display.

- It's possible to write the data registered in the CF card to PLC's address.
Data can be rewritten without setting data of each lot one by one.
- It's also possible to automatically change the data from PLC as well as on the screen.
- Since the data stored in the CF card are in CSV form, they can be edited freely on PC.

* GP3000 series support this functionality.
* Software GP-Pro EX Ver. 1.0 or later is required.
* An error may be somewhat included in an operation result.

Download a sample program file and detailed description.

Download this sample application!
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