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A customer is here. ea_00010.exe Absolute Encoder reset failed. ea_00020.exe
  AC robot controller failure ea_00030.exe   AC servo driver failure ea_00040.exe  
  Accepted ea_00050.exe   Add material to hopper. ea_00060.exe  
  Add oil. ea_00070.exe   Add raw materials. ea_00080.exe  
  Adjust component mixture. ea_00090.exe   Air alarm ea_00100.exe  
  Air pressure has fallen. ea_00110.exe   Air pressure has risen. ea_00120.exe  
  Air supply fan thermal relay has tripped. ea_00130.exe   Air supply pressure is low. ea_00140.exe  
  Alarm has occurred. ea_00150.exe   Alarm has occurred. Confirm status. ea_00160.exe  
  Alarm has occurred. Contact person in charge. ea_00170.exe   Alarm. ea_00180.exe  
  Amount exceeds limit. ea_00190.exe   Attendant is coming - please wait. ea_00200.exe  
  Attendant is coming. ea_00210.exe   Attention - going up. ea_00220.exe  
  Attention - vehicle is leaving garage. ea_00230.exe   Automatic operation has restarted. ea_00240.exe  
  Automatic operation is restarting. ea_00250.exe   Automatic operation is starting. ea_00260.exe  


  Battery alarm eb_00010.exe   Battery is low. eb_00020.exe  
  Battery system alarm eb_00030.exe   Boiler water level is low. eb_00040.exe  
  Breaker has tripped. eb_00050.exe        


  Careful - Now rotating. ec_00010.exe   Caution - carrier is moving. ec_00020.exe  
  Caution - door is moving ec_00030.exe   Caution - press is operating. ec_00040.exe  
  Caution - unit in operation ec_00050.exe   Caution - unit operation is starting. ec_00060.exe  
  Caution - workpiece conveyor is moving. ec_00070.exe   Caution. Shutter is closing. ec_00080.exe  
  Caution. Shutter is opening. ec_00090.exe   Change brushes. ec_00100.exe  
  Change cartridge. ec_00110.exe   Check both sides. ec_00120.exe  
  Check right side station pallet. ec_00130.exe   Check safety before proceeding. ec_00140.exe  
  Check safety device. ec_00150.exe   Check temperature. ec_00160.exe  
  Claw lowering alarm ec_00170.exe   Claw raising alarm ec_00180.exe  
  Cleaning unit alarm. ec_00190.exe   Component mixture alarm ec_00200.exe  
  Compressor lubrication oil pressure is low. ec_00210.exe   Computer malfunction ec_00220.exe  
  Conveyor alarm ec_00230.exe   Conveyor has stopped. ec_00240.exe  
  Conveyor is operating. ec_00250.exe   Conveyor is starting. ec_00260.exe  
  Conveyor line alarm ec_00270.exe   Cover is open. ec_00280.exe  
  CPU battery alarm ec_00290.exe   Cycle alarm ec_00300.exe  
  Cycle time alarm ec_00310.exe   Cycle time is over limit. ec_00320.exe  
  Cylinder malfunction ec_00330.exe        
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