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Terms of Use
1. Schneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd. ("SEJH") shall retain all intellectual property rights in the files that SEJH provides for this service.
2. Who, uses or plans to use SEJH's products, may download and use any file.
3. Reproduction, disclosure, re-publication, assignment, lease, decompilation, modification, falsification or reuse of any file that SEJH provides for this service shall be prohibited.
However, for manual PDFs, samples, BMP images and CAD files, you may reprint, dupulicate, quote a part of the content or the whole on your company's specification sheets, or instruction manuals for built-in products. Also you may change the layout of the content.
4. This download service is provided through the Internet. Please acknowledge that SEJH provides no guarantee of the condition at the time of provision, the availability of access and the condition of use concerning this service before you use this service.
5. Not all of the manuals of SEJH products are provided in this service. Please acknowledge prior to using this service that the manual of certain products might not be provided.
6. Please acknowledge that you might not be able to purchase certain products corresponding to the manual provided on this service because of discontinuation of production or any other reasons.
7. Please use this service at your own risk.

1. Files are subject to deletion, or modification of the contents or specifications without notice.
2. Please confirm that the downloading file size completely accords with the downloaded file size.
3. If the file sizes do not match, delete the file without decompressing (executing) and then download the same file once again.

User Manual
Installation Guide
Cable-Related Installation Guide
  - Printer Cable Connection  (48 KB) Last Updated:2003/6/2
  - USB Data Transfer Cable  (269 KB) Last Updated:2004/3/8
  - RS-232C/422 Isolation Unit  (71 KB) Last Updated:2002/10/24
  - Motor Driver Connection Cable  (170 KB) Last Updated:2002/6/19
  - Single-Axis Teaching Loader Cable  (21 KB) Last Updated:2002/7/29
CF Card Installation Guide
  - CF Card  (39 KB) Last Updated:2007/12/3
Expansion Unit User Manual
  - VM Unit  (1390 KB) Last Updated:2012/6/8
Expansion Unit Installation Manual
  - CF Card Front Maintenance Unit  (136 KB) Last Updated:2003/6/2
Protective Cover Installation Guide
  - 10.4inch/5.7inch (CA8-ODP10-01/CA4-DCMDL-01)  (70 KB) Last Updated:2010/6/28
Bus Conversion Unit Installation Guide
  - Bus Conversion Unit (PSM-CONV00)  (424 KB) Last Updated:2001/6/19
  - Bus Conversion Unit (PSL-CONV00)  (335 KB) Last Updated:2001/6/27
  - Bus Conversion Unit Installation Guide  (307 KB) Last Updated:2008/2/1
  - Bus Conversion Unit Operation Instructions  (187 KB) Last Updated:2008/2/1
Screen Protection Sheet Attachement Instructions
  - PS Series (PSL-DF00)  (15 KB) Last Updated:2007/1/23
  - GLC-2400(PS400-DF00)  (25 KB) Last Updated:2007/1/29
  - GLC-2300(PS300-DF00)  (22 KB) Last Updated:2006/5/12
DIO Unit Users Manual
  - GLC 100 Series  (224 KB) Last Updated:2008/2/1
Flex Network Installation Guide
  - Flex Network I/F Unit  (146 KB) Last Updated:2008/2/1
  - 8-point Input Sink/Source, 8-point Transistpr Output Sink Type  (177 KB) Last Updated:2006/7/14
  - 8-point Relay Output, 1 Common Type  (163 KB) Last Updated:2006/7/14
  - 16-point Input Sink/Source Type  (171 KB) Last Updated:2006/7/14
  - 16-point Input Sink/Source, 16-point Transistpr Output Sink Type  (282 KB) Last Updated:2006/7/14
  - 16-point Input Sink/Source, 16-point Transistpr Output Source Type  (281 KB) Last Updated:2006/7/14
  - 16-point Output Sink Type  (176 KB) Last Updated:2006/8/1
  - 16-point Output Source Type  (177 KB) Last Updated:2006/7/14
  - 32-point Input Sink/Source Type  (282 KB) Last Updated:2006/7/14
  - 32-point Input Sink/Source, 32-point Transistpr Output Sink Type  (297 KB) Last Updated:2006/7/14
  - 2ch Analog /Digital Conversion Unit  (212 KB) Last Updated:2006/8/1
  - 2ch Digital /Analog Conversion Unit  (361 KB) Last Updated:2006/7/14
  - 4ch Analog /Digital Conversion Unit  (122 KB) Last Updated:2006/7/14
  - 4ch Digital /Analog Conversion Unit  (128 KB) Last Updated:2007/1/22
  - High Speed Counter Unit  (170 KB) Last Updated:2006/7/14
  - Single-Axis Positioning Unit  (327 KB) Last Updated:2006/7/14
  - Teaching Loader for Single-Axis Positioning Unit  (63 KB) Last Updated:2002/10/24
Flex Network User Manual
  - Flex Network DIO Unit  (3336 KB) Last Updated:2014/10/30
  - Flex Netowork (for GLC100/300 Series)  (2625 KB) Last Updated:2014/10/30
  - 2ch Analog Unit  (1380 KB) Last Updated:2014/10/30
  - Analog Unit  (1085 KB) Last Updated:2014/10/30
  - High Speed Counter Unit  (1258 KB) Last Updated:2006/8/1
  - Single-Axis Positioning Unit  (2213 KB) Last Updated:2007/4/2
CANopen Slave I/O Unit
Memory Loader II Operation Manual
  - Memory Loader II Operation Manual  (410 KB) Last Updated:2008/2/1
Wall Adaptor Attachment Installation Guide
  - Wall Mount Adaptor (CA1-WMALRG-01)  (465 KB) Last Updated:2002/2/19
Rear Cover, Desktop Stand Installation Guide
  - Rear Cover/Desktop Stand Installation Guide  (847 KB) Last Updated:2008/6/18
Backlight Replacement Guide
  - GLC2400 Series(PS400-BU00-MS)  (195 KB) Last Updated:2008/2/1
  - GLC2300 Series(PS300-BU00)  (118 KB) Last Updated:2003/6/2
  - GLC300-TC** Series(GP577RT-BL00-MS)  (115 KB) Last Updated:2008/2/1
Add-on Kit
  - GLC2600  (8 KB) Last Updated:2002/2/19
ABL-DRM03024 Installation Guide
  - ABL-DRM03024 Installation Guide  (102 KB) Last Updated:2008/2/1
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