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Otasuke FAQ's Book
GLC Series
What is the variable?
Deleting unused variables
What is the maximum size of variables that can be registered?

How to setup the address that corresponds to device address in PLC?

How can the created variables in the Logic Program be used on the screen?
Wish to preserve the data after turning OFF the power

Is it possible to input signs other than English in the variable names or comments?
Wish to confirm the changed variables.
Wish to confirm where the created variables are used.
Wish to confirm the current value of the variables.

External input/output does not work. Input signal of sensor does not turn ON.
Wish to allocate the 1st bit of integer variables
What is the address shown as % in the Pro-Control Editor?
Wish to switch screens by the Logic Program.

What is the difference between the clock data in LS area and that in the system variable?
Is it possible to enable I/O by the Logic Program?

Is it possible to stop a Controller when the error has occurred in I/O?
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