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 Is it possible to enable I/O by the Logic Program?
It is possible by using the system variable #Command. Turning ON the 7th bit of #Command enables I/O. Details of each bit are the followings.

Details of each bit of #Command
Bit 0(=1) Stop Controller
Bit 2(=2) Run Controller
Bit 3(=4) Reset Controller
Bit 4(=8) Execute 1 scan
Bit 5(=16) Continue
Bit 6(=32) Pause

Bit 7(=128)

Enable I/0
Click on [Program Comment] and invert it, then click on [Insert Rung]. And you can add a rung above START. This is the instruction executed only once before scanning other Logic Programs when Controller starts running.
Write 128 in #Command by using MOV on the rung added above START. Then, the 7th bit of the system variable #Command is turned ON before processing other Logic Programs, and it enables I/O without putting a check mark on “Enables I/O” on the software.
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