GP-Pro EX Ver.2.2 Reference Manual
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  Thank you for purchasing the GP screen editing software GP-Pro EX. This manual describes GP-Pro EX operation procedures and details about each feature. Please read this and all related manuals carefully in order to use this software properly.


GP-3300 Series Customers

Before creating the screen interface, please read "GP-3300 Series Users".


What do you want to do?

Before use, please see "Caution".
Development GP-Pro EX For new customers (Workflow Procedure)
Basic Operation/Settings From Start to Finish
Communicating with Connection Device/PLCs

Communicating with Multiple Device/PLCs
Creating a standard screen Drawing Pictures/Text
Displaying Pictures

Placing Switches

Changing Screens

Placing Lamps

Placing Graphs

Displaying Data/Inputting Data

Placing a Keypad

Displaying Windows

Displaying Alams

Changing Message/Text
Creating Sophisticated Screens Changing screens by entering passwords
Changing Languages (Multilanguage)

Programming Features (Scripts)

Collecting Device/PLC Data (Sampling)

Filing Data (Recipe)


Displaying Video

Display and Operate the Computer Screen on the GP

Creating Screens That Move and Change (Animation)
Creating Control Programs Creating Logic Programs
Checking Operations Checking Operations on a PC Simulation
Transferring Projects Transfer
Delivery Creating Documents Print
Using Projects in IPC Series
  Use IPC for replacement of GP
Using Projects Created by GP-Pro/PB III
  Converting Data
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