GP-Pro EX Ver.1.10 Reference Manual

Thank you for purchasing the GP screen editing software GP-Pro EX. This manual describes GP-Pro EX operation procedures and details on all features.Please read this manual and related manuals carefully in order to use this software properly.

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Chapter 1 Welcome to GP-Pro EX

Chapter 2 Using GP-Pro EX

Chapter 3 Development Environment

Chapter 4 Workflow Procedure

Chapter 5 From Start to Finish

Chapter 6 Font

Chapter 7 Communicating with Multiple Device/PLCs

Chapter 8 Barcode Settings

Chapter 9 Draw (Figure / Text)

Chapter 10 Picture Display

Chapter 11 Switches

Chapter 12 Changing and Saving Screens

Chapter 13 Lamp

Chapter 14 Data Display & Data Input

Chapter 15 Displaying and Changing Text

Chapter 16 Keypad Input

Chapter 17 Graph Display

Chapter 18 Window Display

Chapter 19 Alarms

Chapter 20 Programming Scripts (Programming that does not use Parts)  

Chapter 21 Program Instructions and Descriptions

Chapter 22 Protecting Screens with Passwords

Chapter 23 Time Schedule

Chapter 24 Data Sampling

Chapter 25 Data Filing (Recipe)

Chapter 26 BuzzerSound

Chapter 27 Video / Video Recording

Chapter 28 Logic Functions are Useful in the Following Cases

Chapter 29 Logic Programming

Chapter 30 Instruction List

Chapter 31 Controlling External I/O

Chapter 32 Transferring Data

Chapter 33 Printing

Chapter 34 Adjusting the Time and Screensaver


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