- Connection Device Samples
  Robot Controller Connection

You can connect HMI to a robot-controller and display a state of a robot.


  ROBO Cylinder Connection

You can connect one ROBO Cylinder or more using the MODBUS SIO master driver for SP5000Series.


  PLC / Machine Controller Connection Sample
  With this sample, you can get the detailed information of PLC or the Machine Controller by using the driver which is improved and newly developed for SP5000 Series.

  Servo Drive Connection
  You can connect SP5000 series to the servo drive “Σ-V Series ” made by Yaskawa Ekectric Corporation and maintain servo controllers.

  You can connect SP5000 Series to the controllers "X-SEL/PSEL/SSEL/ASEL" manufactured by IAI Corporation with serial communication.

  Motion Adapter Connection  

You can connect SP5000 Series to a robot-controller “MA100” made by YASKAWA Electric Corporation and maintain a servo connected to each axis.


  Image Processing System Connection  
  You can connect SP5000 Series to “In-Sight Vision System ” made by Cognex Corporation and change the parameters of In-Sight.

  Electric Actuator Connection  
  You can connect SP5000 Series to an electric actuator “LEC series” made by SMC Corporation with RS-485 communication. Up to 16 actuators can be connected.

  Stepping Motor Connection  
  You can connect GP4000/GP3000/LT3000 Series to a motor driver to operate and surveil a motor.

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