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Please be acknowledged of the following terms of use before you use our download service. Download of any file signifies your agreement to the terms of use.

Terms of Use
1. Schneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd. ("SEJH") shall retain all intellectual property rights in the files that SEJH provides for this service.
2. Who, uses or plans to use SEJH's products, may download and use any file.
3. Reproduction, disclosure, re-publication, assignment, lease, decompilation, modification, falsification or reuse of any file that SEJH provides for this service shall be prohibited.
However, for manual PDFs, samples, BMP images and CAD files, you may reprint, dupulicate, quote a part of the content or the whole on your company's specification sheets, or instruction manuals for built-in products. Also you may change the layout of the content.
4. This download service is provided through the Internet. Please acknowledge that SEJH provides no guarantee of the condition at the time of provision, the availability of access and the condition of use concerning this service before you use this service.
5. Not all of the manuals of SEJH products are provided in this service. Please acknowledge prior to using this service that the manual of certain products might not be provided.
6. Please acknowledge that you might not be able to purchase certain products corresponding to the manual provided on this service because of discontinuation of production or any other reasons.
7. Please use this service at your own risk.

1. Files are subject to deletion, or modification of the contents or specifications without notice.
2. Please confirm that the downloading file size completely accords with the downloaded file size.
3. If the file sizes do not match, delete the file without decompressing (executing) and then download the same file once again.


User Manual
 - PL-6930/PL-7930 Series (10,759KB) Last Updated: 2008.1.25
 - PL-6920/PL-7920 Series (3,332KB) Last Updated: 2006.3.5
 - BOX-Type Industrial Computer PL-B920 Series (2,199KB) Last Updated: 2004.4.5
 - PL-7900 Series (12,152KB) Last Updated: 2001.4.18
 - PL-6900 Series (12,446KB) Last Updated: 2001.4.18
 - BOX-Type Industrial Computer PL-B910 Series (2,170KB) Last Updated: 2002.2.19
 - PL-B900/PL-B910 (9,467KB) Last Updated: 2001.7.3
 - PL-DU6900/PL-DU7900 (1,120KB) Last Updated: 2001.4.18
 - PL-6700 Series (772KB) Last Updated: 2002.6.19
 - PL-6700 43 Series (865KB) 2002.5.10
 - PL-5910 Series (3,023KB) Last Updated: 2007.2.22
 - PL-5900 Series(PL5900/PL5901-T12-233, PL5900/PL5901-T42-24V-233) (1,480KB) Last Updated: 2006.11.10
 - PL-5900 Series(PL5900/PL5901-T12, PL5900/PL5901-T42-24V) (1,807KB) Last Updated: 2006.11.10
 - PL-5900 Series(PL5900/PL5901-T11, PL5900/PL5901-T41-24V) (1,859KB) Last Updated: 2001.6.27
 - PL-5700 Series (733KB) Last Updated: 2002.7.10

Installation Guide
 - PL-3900T Series (2,005KB) Last Updated: 2008.2.15
 - PL-3700T Series (2,003KB) Last Updated: 2008.2.15
 - PL-3600K/3700K Series (2,526KB) Last Updated: 2008.2.15
 - PL-3600T Series (2,292KB) Last Updated: 2008.2.15
 - PL-3000B Series (1,095KB) Last Updated: 2008.2.8
 - PL-7930 Series (868KB) Last Updated: 2007.9.10
 - PL-6930 Series (766KB) Last Updated: 2007.9.10
 - PL-B920 Series (410KB) Last Updated: 2004.3.8
 - PL-7920 Series (356KB) Last Updated: 2004.3.8
 - PL-6920 Series (364KB) Last Updated: 2004.3.8
 - PL-5910 Series (943KB) Last Updated: 2005.1.18
 - PL6900-T42/PL6901-T42 (535KB) Last Updated: 2001.6.27
 - PL7900-T42/PL7901-T42 (556KB) Last Updated: 2001.6.27
 - PLB910-42/PLB911-42 (632KB) Last Updated: 2001.6.27

Hardware Manual
 - PL-3000 Series (4,498KB) Last Updated: 2008.2.8

Reference Manual
 - PL-3000 Series Reference Manual (2,140KB) Last Updated: 2007.12.28
 - PL-3000 Series API Reference Manual Last Updated: 2007.9.25
    --> Download here (pl3000_api_e.exe:109KB)
 - PL-X930 Series API Reference Manual Last Updated: 2006.5.8
    --> Download here (PL-X930 API Reference Manual_060508.EXE:279KB)
 - PL-5910 Series API Reference Manual (619KB) Last Updated: 2005.2.10

 - Instructions for Using the Hard Disk

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