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 Configuration of Software Mirroring Utility (APL-SM3000)

Applicable Models
[Model] PL3000 series
[OS] Windows 2000 Professional SP4, Windows XP Professional SP2

The followings are the configuration procedure of the Software Mirroring Utility (APL-SM3000), an optional item for our IPC models.

- The Software Mirroring Utility does not support SSD units.
- Dynamic disks supported in Windows 2000/ Windows XP is not supported by the Software Mirroring Utility.
- Data transfer mode operates only in DMA mode.
- Do not use a HDD which has previously failed.
- Do not use a HDD which was used in another device.
- Do not switch HDD0 and HDD1.
- Do not remove a HDD when the Mirroring Disk status is "Good" or "Rebuild".
- After removing a HDD, wait at least three seconds before installing it again.
- Do not use the HDD on which the "Rebuild" operation has been once interrupted.

To extend the HDD life
  We recommend you turn off the HDD when the unit is not operated. For the power-off settings, open [Control Panel] -> [Power Options] -> [Power Schemes] and select a desired period of time in [Turn off hard disks]. [After 5 mins] is recommended.

1. To set up a mirroring disk, the Software Mirroring Utility (APL-SM3000) should be already installed in the unit. If the Utility is not yet installed, please install it referring to the link below.

Installation of the Software Mirroring Utility (APL-SM3000)

2. Install a HDD for mirroring in the HDD Slot 1 for DISK1 (HDD1). The HDD for mirroring should be installed in the Slot 1 for DISK1 (HDD1).

3. Double-click the "System Monitor" icon in the task tray to display the System Monitor screen.

4. To start the mirroring operation to copy data of HDD0 to HDD1, click the "Rebuild" button on the System Monitor screen.

The HDD can be accessed even during the rebuilding operation.

The mirror build time depends on the HDD unit you use. For details, go to the following link.

I want to know the mirror build time of the software mirroring utility (APL-SM3000).

5. When the rebuilding operation is completed, the mirroring status turns "Good", and the mirroring operation starts. Click the "Reset" button to clear the Software Mirroring errors.

This is the end of the configuration procedure.
If there is no error found in either of the disk, the mirroring feature automatically becomes available.

To enable error notification actions
  Open [Start] -> [Control Panel] -> [System Monitor Property], and click the tab of [SoftMirror]. Check preferable error actions to enable the error notification actions.

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