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 I want to know the mirror build time of the software mirroring utility (APL-SM3000).

 Applicable Models
[Model] PL3000 series
[OS] Windows 2000 Professional SP4, Windows XP Professional SP2

In the PL3000 series with the software mirroring utility (APL-SM3000) installed, the mirror build time depends on the HDD unit you use.
The mirror build time for each HDD unit is shown below.

  One/Two APL3000-HD60 (Rev.A) is/are used APL3000-HD60
(Rev.B or later)
Capacity 60GB 60GB 250GB
Mirror Build Time about 40 minutes about 20 minutes about 90 minutes

* To use the software mirroring utility, please use two Hard Disk units with the same capacity.

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