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What is the SSD Unit?

The SSD (solid-state drive) Unit is one of flash memory devices. It can be handled as same as the Hard Disk Unit for the PL3000 series (referred to as the HDD Unit) made by Pro-face, and you can install an OS into it. The SSD Unit has less memory capacity than the HDD Unit. However, because it has no moving parts such as a motor and an actuator arm, it has superior environment resistance (including high temperature, vibration, and shock) and allows you to build a long-life system with a low failure rate.
Also, because of extremely low read latency times, the SSD Unit is useful when data written once is frequently read, such as OS startup and application launch.

- With no moving parts, the SSD Unit provides lower failure rate and higher shock durability than the HDD Unit.
- Guaranteed write cycles: 100,000 cycles *1
- The SSD unit uses the SLC type *2 , which has high reliability in data writing
- High reading speed
- Low power consumption required (1/3 less power consumption than the HDD Unit.)
- Silent
- Same installation as that of the HDD Unit (due to the same external dimensions)
Installation of the SSD Unit
- With 16GB of very large flash memory, you can use the same environment as normal PCs.
- High-speed data transmission via the Serial ATA
- The write cycle monitoring feature will tell you the time for replacement.
Write Cycle Monitoring Feature
- SSD units with Windows XP Professional (Japanese/Multilanguage) preinstalled and without an operating system are available.

*1 Supporting wear levelling, the SSD Unit has more write cycles than conventional flash memory devices.
*2 One of the storage methods for writing data. There are two types: SLC (Single Level Cell) and MLC (Multi Level Cell).
SLC is faster and has 10 times more write cycle than MLC.

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