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Write Cycle Monitoring Feature

With the RAS monitoring tool "System Monitor" which monitors errors and alerts, you can check the wear-out rate of the SSD Unit and acknowledge the time for replacement.

- The SSD Unit's performance will not stop soon after the value of the lifetime reaches 0%. However, we recommend you replace the unit immediately because the warranty will expire.

How to check
1. When you start the System Monitor, the System Monitor icon will show up on the task bar. Double-click the icon, and the [System Monitor] dialog box will appear. Select the [SMART] tab.

2. The SMART monitoring window will display. Click the [SSD/CF Status] button at the lower right.

- When a write cycle monitoring device is not connected, the [SSD/CF Status] button is not enabled.
- CF cards supporting the Smart (the write cycle monitoring feature) are not released by Digital Electronics.
(As of March 2009)

3. The [SSD/CF Status] dialog box will appear, and you can check the write cycle monitoring status.

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