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 Lamps are not displayed

What kind of Tags and Parts are used?

  Using Lamps of Parts
  Please double click on Parts to open [Lamp Settings] Dialog Box. Please check the address which is used.
  Using L Tags
  Please double click a cross mark to open [L Tag Settings] Dialog Box. Please check which of [Direct], [Indirect], or [State] you have selected.
  Each setup has each checking points. Please refer bellow links for more details.
Is it in the communication with PLC?

  If Lamps or Switches with Condition Change are not in the communication with PLC, nothing will be displayed. Please communicate them with PLC, or confirm it on Simulation mode.

Please set Bit ON by PLC by force.

  Please STOP the program of PLC and change Bit Address of PLC with Ladder Software, or so on by force. Please confirm the Display of GP at that time.
Please check overlaps with other Tags or Parts.

  If Tags are put over other parts or tags, they will not be displayed correctly.
Please try Rebuild or Force System Setup.

  [Rebuild] is the tool for optimizing the project file. -> detail
After rebuild, transfer the project file by [Force system setup] again.Also turn on the check box of [Upload Information] and [GP system screen] at [Transfer Settings].
  How to set Force System Setup

Other Checking Points

Checking Number of Tags
The Number of Tags (including Parts) which are available on one screen (including Current Window Screen) is up to 128 for GP270/GP370/GPH70, up to 256 for GP70 Series, and up to 384 for GP77/ GP77R/GP2000 Series.

Depending on the Tags, Max Number which can be set is not 384(254/128) for some Tags.

Please refer Tag Reference Manual.

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