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 The dialog says [System files is corrupt] or [Unable to read current project information].
It is possible that the Project File is damaged for the reasons such as Forced Shut Down of PC.

This problem can be recovered by using [Rebuild] function of GP-PRO/PB III C-Package to optimize.

How to use Rebuild ( GP-PRO/PB III C-Package03 )
1. Please select [Utility] from Menu Bar, then select [Rebuild Tool].
2. [Rebuild] will be started. Please click the icon [Start Rebuild] and it will start rebuilding (optimizing) automatically.
3. When the status says [File is Rebuilt] , it finished rebuilding.

If you use the versions before GP-PRO/PB III C-Package03
GP-PRO/PB3 C-Package01 - C-Package02
  Please click [Start] from Windows, select [Program] [Pro-Face] [C-Package] [Rebuild].
GP-PRO/PB3 V 5.0 or older
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