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otasuke FAQ
 What is needed for screen development?
 Does it support vertical installtion?
 What does the USB interface allow us to do?
 Is it possible to connect a barcode reader or printer to the GP4100 Series?
 Is the transfer cable for the GP3000 Series (Model No.: CA3-USBCB-01) available for the GP4100 Series?
 Is it possible to mount a USB port of the GP4100 Series on a front panel?
 What is the size of screen protection sheet?
Operation of the Main Unit
 How do I enter in off-line mode?
 How to adjust brightness of displays?
 Touch position and response position differ.
Specification of the Main Unit
 What is the lifetime of the backlight?
Peripheral Devices
 Tested peripheral devices
 Can the USB port be mounted on the front mount of a panel?
 USB Memory is not recognized.
 How can I confirm the available space of USB Memory?
 Precautions for using USB storage
 Can I use any USB storage?
 Can the transfer cable for the GP2000/77R/70 series be used?
 Manufacturers and types of supported connection devices?
 How does the serial interface (COM1) look like? What specifications does it have?
 Is it possible to connect a microcomputer board to the GP4100 Series? If so, how?
 Is it possible to connect an external device to the GP4100 Series converting USB to Serial communication?
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