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I want to make only one GP active in a multiple GP environment

When multiple GPs are connected to a PLC, an operation lock can be set so that touch operation of other GPs is disabled while one GP is operating.
- Please refer to the following compatible models.
Ethernet Multilink Compatible Models
- With the operation lock function, the first graphic operator interface operated, regardless of whether it is a master GP, slave GP or GP-Viewer, will be the lock-from graphic operator interface and touch operation of the other graphic operator interfaces will be locked.
- For the details when the Operation Lock feature is enabled in GP-Viewer EX, please refer to the following manual page.
GP-Pro EX Reference Manual - [Display or Operate a Computer from the Display Unit]
- While the operation lock is engaged, touch will not work on graphic operator interfaces other than the lock-from graphic operator interface, but within the master and slave GPs, D-Script, trigger, ladder program and PLC logic program will be executed.
- Depending on the communication status and system configuration, other touch operations may be disabled and responsiveness maybe slow while th lock is being retrieved/updated with screen touch and/or the operation lock switch.
- If screen touch is operated immediately after connecting, or immediately after recovering a disconnected connection, an error may occur. In case of Ethernet Multilink, values are not written to the master station when an error occurs. Similarly, when the operation lock feature is used in GP-Viewer EX, values are not written to the display unit, either.
- The function key set for handy type GPs is also subject to the operation lock.
- Station constant communications traffic processed by a master can be checked by referring to the system variable (#H_EtherLink_ConstCommuniMemInfo).
- Lock information appears on the standby GP screen.
GP-Pro EX Reference manual - [How Display Unit Screen Behaves While Operation Lock Is Engaged]

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