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 Ethernet Multilink Compatible Models

Models that are compatible with the Ethernet Multilink Connection are listed below.
GP4000 Series All models that are equipped with Ethernet I/F
GP4000M Series All models *2
GP4100 Series GP-4104 *2
GP3000 Series All models except GP-3301L, GP-3301S and GP-3302B
IPC Series PC/AT
PL Series APL-3*00
PS Series All models
- If you use a GP-3200 or GP-3300 series unit (except AGP3310-T1-D24, AGP3360-T1-D24) as a master GP unit and connect 8 slave units or more with it, the communication performance may decrease depending on the settings.
  - The GP-3300 series unit's revision number must be Rev. 4 or later.
Features/Functions that are not supported in GP-3300 lower than Rev. 4
You can use GP-4104 only as a slave display unit.
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