Pro-Server EX Ver.1.3 Reference Manual

Thank you for purchasing the Data Management Software Pro-Server EX. This manual describes Pro-Server EX operation procedures and details for features.Please read this and all related manuals carefully in order to use this software properly.

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Table of Contents 
Chapter 1 PREFACE

Chapter 2 Preparation

Chapter 3 Trial of Pro-Server EX

Chapter 4 What You Want to Do with Pro-Server EX

Chapter 5 Creating a Form Using Excel

Chapter 6 Writing Device/PLC Data in Excel File

Chapter 7 Writing Device/PLC Data in CSV File

Chapter 8 Writing Device/PLC Data in Database

Chapter 9 Working with the display unit's Log Data in Excel

Chapter 10 Reading the display unit's log data

Chapter 11 Importing the display unit's Capture Data (JPEG)

Chapter 12 Writing Excel Data in Device/PLC

Chapter 13 Writing CSV File Data in Device/PLC

Chapter 14 Reading Device/PLC data from Database

Chapter 15 Reporting Alarm by E-mail

Chapter 16 Starting Optional Application

Chapter 17 Writing the display unit's Filing Data to Excel

Chapter 18 Returning Filing Data to the display unit

Chapter 19 Sending Data between Devices

Chapter 20 Checking SRAM Data on the display unit

Chapter 21 Saving Device Data Backup

Chapter 22 Restoring Backup Device Data

Chapter 23 Enhancing Security

Chapter 24 Connecting with Factory Gateway

Chapter 25 Saving

Chapter 26 Transferring

Chapter 27 Designing Your Own Program

Chapter 28 Simply Confirming On-site Status

Chapter 29 Tips for Faster Communication

Chapter 30 Starting 'Pro-Server EX' in the Service Mode

Chapter 31 Node Registration

Chapter 32 Symbol Registration

Chapter 33 Trigger Conditions

Chapter 34 Setting Up Environment

Chapter 35 Printing

Chapter 36 Error Information

Chapter 37 Restrictions

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