Pro-Server EX Ver.1.3 Reference Manual
Thank you for purchasing the Data Management Software Pro-Server EX. This manual describes Pro-Server EX operation procedures and details for features.Please read this and all related manuals carefully in order to use this software properly.
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How To Use This Manual
  • The latest manuals are available at our home page.
    You can also check and update the latest manuals in Pro-Server. From the [Help] menu, click [Comfirm Update of Pro-Server EX Developer].
  • When linking to the PDF file from Internet Explorer using Windows XP Service Pack2 or later, a message displays on the Information Bar. To open the PDF manual, click the message displayed on the Information Bar, and then select [Download File].
  • If you want to view the manual in your browzer, the recommended browzers are Internet Explorer and Firefox. Open the manual in Internet Explorer or Firefox. (Microsoft Edge is not a recommended browzer. To change your browzer to Internet Explorer, see the Microsoft website.)
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