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YES-NO Window   Alarm Auto Screen Change
A pop-up window to confirm whether a selected operation is allowed to proceed for prevention of wrong operation. It is displayed when a switch is touched.   Automatically changes to the screen that indicates an error occurrence spot when an alarm bit is turned ON. It contributes to shortening of recovery time on site.
* A portrait style sample is also available.
Alarm Display History Block   Hystorical Trend Graph

Displays alarm logs sorted by importance, cause, etc. for correct understanding of information on sites.

  Clearly displays each of multiple lines in a Trend Graph offering good traceability of temperature, voltage, etc. in chronological order.
Thumbwheel Switch   Bargraph Meter

Allows each digit of a number on a Data Display to be respectively set. It is useful to set a quantitative value for a counter.

  Clearly displays movements of temperature, voltage, etc. Upper and lower limits can be set with a keyboard.
* A portrait style sample is also available.
  Message Monitor  
  Enlarges a registered message to full screen as a scrolling display when an error occurs. Windows fonts are available to support various languages.  
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