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 How to change the language setting in Windows XP embedded

Applicable Models
PL3000 series, PS371xA/ PS365xA/ PS345xA series

The following is the way of how to change the language in Windows XP Embedded (2G).

Input language remains the same even after the language setting changes. For Japanese input, please refer to the following link.
How to set Japanese input in Windows XP Embedded (2G)
1. Disable the Write Filter (EWF).
How to disable the EWF (Write Filter)

2. Open [C Drive] -> [Proface] -> [LangShell], and double-click [LangShell] or [SetLangShell].
The unit restarts and the window shown below appears.

3. Standard language options are; English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Select the preferred language and then click [Set].
To add other languages, please go to the following link for download.
Additional Language Installer for XP Embedded

4. After restarting Windows XP embedded, make sure if the language is changed to the one you selected.
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